Rising Tides work within Corporate, Educational and Community environments. We offer a number of workshops that engage people in the subject of climate change. All workshops are lead by experienced theatre professionals who have a wealth of experience leading creative projects. Workshops can be designed in collaboration with educational and corporate partners in order to achieve key learning and training objectives.

Rising Tides core workshop aims are to:

- Engage people of all ages with the subject of climate change.
- Provide a safe creative environment for learning and exploration in both theatre and climate change.
- Give participants ownership of their work while developing a greater knowledge of climate change.


Inform. Explore. Solve.


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Corporate Workshops

What can we do as individuals? What can we do as a team? What can I do as an employer?


We believe the best way of truly understanding is to engage with the challenges and solutions of any situation. We use theatrical activities as well as forum discussion to explore the importance of creating a more eco-friendly work environment.


As Climate Change is affecting our lives more and more, people are becoming more concerned about doing their bit, and as we spend most of our lives at work, the office is the best place to start.


Where do we start? Well, we could give you a whole load of initiatives and practices to follow, but for any challenges to be overcome, we believe the initial understanding of the dilemma is vital to maintaining the solutions.

Educational Workshops

Every child matters today and tomorrow.

Rising Tides deliver informative, creative, and

of course, fun workshops that explore and engage participants in the subject of Climate Change. Led by industry professionals, our creative programs empower and enrich each individual with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed choices that will have a positive impact on their own lives and a greater understanding of Climate Change.


Inform. Explore. Solve.


Workshops can be delivered to primary, secondary or post-16 students, single sessions or a series over a term.

Zero to Hero - Food Waste. Fast Fashion. Energy Use. Climate Migrants.


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