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by Ben Elton


Philip has been challenged by his boss to find a new way of making money from nothing. His solution? Designer air! Evian for the nostrils. But when the world starts gasping, only the biggest suckers survive…

In this sharp-witted satire on the ludicrous, dangerous endgame of commodification, Ben Elton pushes the logic of capitalism through to its ridiculous and alarming conclusion. Gasping, first presented in 1990 at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, is a whirl of innuendo, an exuberant mockery of yuppie culture and a scintillating parody of corporate greed.

24 Oct - 16 Nov   -   The Space, Isle of Dogs

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Between Two Waves

by Ian Meadows


Daniel is one f****d-up, neurotic climatologist. Well, he’s really no more or less f****d-up than you. Or I. But studying climatology will do that to you, given the dark shadows that science has cast over our oblivion.

Now Daniel has a choice. Knowing how the future looks, can he bring a child into a world at the mercy of cataclysmic changes in climate?  

Ian Meadow’s Between Two Waves is a vital piece of new writing about one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Originally performed in Sydney, Australia this UK premiere is a touching, funny and moving love story that taps into our anxieties for the future and the moral dilemma of bringing up a family in the face of climate change.

22 Oct - 15 Nov   The Space, Isle of Dogs

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